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Initial Weight Loss Visit


Every year all Gyms and Diet Centers specially during New Year bombard you with " Weight Loss " adds as this is their Nut collecting time to last them whole year. Most of the people from guilt or push from family members run to join gyms or other diet centers. 85% of these members never return or fully use the membership.

It should be noted that people who gained weight unless they have part in movie, did not gain weight voluntarily and must be a psychological or medical reason behind it. 

We have put a low price of $140.00 on our "initial  Weight Loss Visit" to discuss with you your goals and expectations from any weight loss Center.  It should also be noted that Losing weight for most of you is not hard – and hardest part is to keep the lost weight not putting back on. 

                                Weight Loss formula                   ( calories consumed - calories used )

We all need certain amount of daily calories but for reason consume more resulting in extra dangerous weight specially visceral fat. We all know that god has given us this body once and no wants to abuse it cut the life short normally. Most  people consume extra calories due to social status and availability of low quality high calorie low cost food. To cut calories you need willpower and now there are now drugs trying to penetrate the complex metabolic web of hunger and satiety.


 Your FIRST Weight Loss visit is designed to introduce you to weight loss process by cutting caloric intake with the help of appetite supp resents (FDA approved Diet Pills) and charging you kindergarten fee to reduce your financial  risk. 


Losing unhealthy weight and keeping it off is a serious life long commitment and need major behavior modifications and biyearly health exams and counselling.


At Arden Diet Center / Arden Med Spa we have several weight loss , body contouring and skin care programs to fit your needs and financial commitment.


After your initial weight loss visit and following advice received you are expected lose at least 4 pounds.

When your return for your each weight loss visit your clinician will discuss the level of medical intervention needed for your individual requirements and will design weight loss program for you.

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