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Arden Diet Center

Weight Control is not an easy one-size-fits-all issue. Each and every individual battles weight for unique and personal reasons. The professionals at Arden Diet Center, listen to your specific concerns and troubleshoot your progress by using our knowledge and expertly designed programs to ensure that you get sustainable results at affordable prices! We specialize in Medical Weight Loss and Radio Frequency Heat Fat Loss Therapy. 

It is proven that people with excess weight or obesity deserve access to healthcare without barriers and must also be treated with dignity and respect. Arden Diet Center (ADC) is dedicated to making this happen. Everyone should strive to show support for friends and family by educating them regarding the risks of not taking any action against obesity in addition to the benefits of controlling weight for longer healthier hospital-free lives long-term.

By setting up a group of healthy weight control “cautious” individuals and by creating activity groups, you are beginning to pave the way for a healthier life!

It is essential to sign a pledge for access to information and available treatments for weight control.

ADC believes that everyone should have access to quality obesity care that isn't limited by a person's size, weight or economic status. Access to obesity care can be life-changing and can make a big difference in someone's journey with weight loss.

Although more than 93 million adult Americans live with obesity, many are unaware that obesity is a disease and that their healthcare provider can help with. Unfortunately, weight-loss and maintenance are passed as part of a patient’s sole responsibility.

ADC programs are self pay (no insurance accepted) and are very affordable .

Through managed caloric intake and increased metabolism, you will save money on your grocery bills. Although our bodies require certain daily calories to survive, a male body-builer’s body will require much more calories (energy) from food than a lean female. It is also important to know that a healthy and clean (detoxed) body extracts more energy from the food eaten which in turn saves you money on grocery bills.

You can also join our Net-Work Marketing plans, in which you refer someone to us reducing the cost of your next visit by $20. In turn, each person recommended by that person gets receives a $20 credit while you save an additional $10 credit. Essentially by continuing to build this network of recommendations, you are also formulating life-long friendships with like-minded healthy people.

ADC weight loss managed programs starting at $2999.00 can assist you in achieving a clean, healthy, detoxed, efficient food burning body through nearly perfect Digestive Health since your gut bacteria is your 2nd DNA . It determines how healthy and how long you are going to live. By managing your weight and your BMI, the long term effects are priceless. An initial visit with us includes 3 months of diet appetite suppressing medication, vitamins, supplements and counseling on healthy life styles and how to keep the lost weight off permanently.

The money spent on managed programs gives you a large return by keeping you healthy to earn more money by avoiding sick days, hospital stays and lengthy doctors visits. Lastly you can enjoy your golden years by doing the things you’ve always wanted to do during your adult life. By avoiding nursing homes and long term care facilities, you also save co-pays on medical bills and avoid expensive hospital stays.

Please call us today at 631-406-0026 and make today a self-rewarding day .

How you gain Weight

This video is the perfect example of how many people gain weight

Our History

For the past several years our trained staff has helped patients like you lose the weight and keep it off. Weight Control is achievable through proper instruction and medical advice from our team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve wellness and overall longevity through weight loss and lifestyle modification .






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