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Weight Loss Services at Arden Diet Center

Weight Loss Services at Arden Diet Center

Our mission is to improve wellness and overall longevity through weight loss and lifestyle modification.

Weight Control is not an easy one-size-fits-all issue. Each and every individual battles weight for unique and personal reasons. The professionals at Arden Diet Center, listen to your specific concerns and troubleshoot your progress by using their knowledge and expertly designed programs to ensure that you get sustainable results at affordable prices!

There are several ways every one tries to lose weight including Yo-Yo diets , militant exercise, Different diets and protein drinks.

At Arden Diet Center, we suggest that surgical intervention should be left as last resort as the answer to weight control is in Calories consumed and dispensed..

At Arden Diet Center, we specialize in Medical Weight Loss and Radio Frequency Hot & Cold

Fat Loss Therapies. For the past several years our trained staff has helped patients like you lose weight and keep 

it off.

The main principle of Weight Control is achievable through proper instruction and medical diagnoses and treatment of medical conditions contributing to the weight gain.

Some the following things to consider are :

What is your healthy BMI level

How is your resting metabolism , or how to improve resting caloric

The human body burns calories at rest.

The following are some of the medical weight loss methods available :-

*** Before starting any weight control program , a medical clearance should be obtained ***

For Rapid Weight Loss , we recommend HCG Diet, which includes dispensing 10,000 units of Pregnol (HCG-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) to be divided in to 28/30/43 units to be injected daily along with 500 to 800 calories daily diet.

For Controlled Weight Loss, there rte two things No 1. caloric deficit and resting metabolism.

At Arden Med Spa ,we dispense Phentermine 37.5 mg for weight loss. It takes minimum 21 days to start behavior change and several ways to increase the resting metabolism though intermittence fasting and Detoxing your body.

For added Controlled Weight Loss, there are medications we can add

(a) water pills (HCTZ) (Hydrochlorothiazide) to reduce water weight.

(b) Metformin 500/1000 mg to control glucose

(c) Prozac 10/20 mg to tackle stress

(d) Topiramate 25/50 mg to add appetite suppressant effects

(e) Vitamin B12 injections to increase metabolism and energy

(f) Vitamin B12/Mic , To burn visual fat.

(g) Vitamin Lipo-B (Mic) injections , burns fat fast

(h) Supper Lipotropic , Burn Fat, energy through vitamins

Body Contouring and weight loss through Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening

(a) Coolplass -coolsculption / Cryo Cool shape Fat Suction and frozen (-5 degrees)

(b) TruSculpt 3D - added with diet and exercise to reduce stubborn area fat or muscles that one want to tone , TruSculpt 3D can heat the area to reduce the fat .

(c) Cellulite Solutions - BTL Cellutone -FDA approved non-invasive device reduces cellulite and produces dramatic improvement in skin texture.


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